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Koko Fit Club LLC. Franchise   Cash Required: $50,000
Business Type: Franchise
SBA: Yes
Financing: 3rd Party
Koko Fit Club gym interior

Koko FitClub: The industry’s most exciting fitness franchise

Koko FitClub is the exclusive franchisor of the Koko Smartraining™ System, the most advanced 30-minute strength and cardio training system in the industry.

Woman works out in a Koko Fit Club gym
  • Better than personal training
  • Custom fitness plans designed for each member
  • Fully-guided, total body workouts in just 30 minutes…or less
  • Affordable, all-inclusive membership includes unlimited training sessions
  • No scheduling, members can workout at their convenience
  • Completely customized to each individual’s body and goals
  • Dynamically changes each day for maximum results and no boredom
  • HealthTracks: long-term training programs designed to treat certain chronic health conditions
  • Proven results. More than 31 million calories burned to-date
  • A clean, civilized fitness “oasis”,  for men and women

Here's what the industry has to say about Koko FitClub

  • "The next BIG thing in fitness." — Club Business International
  • "What the fitness industry needs." — BusinessWeek
  • "The future of exercise is here!" — Los Angeles Times
  • "Koko tailors your workout for you so you make the best gains possible for the time you spend at the gym." — Newsweek
  • "There's nothing like it." — Boston Globe
Leading newspapers report that the fitness industry is booming

Be at the forefront of the booming multi-billion dollar health and fitness industry.

International Franchise Association member

What separates Koko FitClub from all other fitness franchises?

A truly competitive advantage - The Koko Smartraining™ System
Koko FitClub is the exclusive franchisor of the Koko Smartraining™ System, the most advanced 30-minute strength and cardio training system and equipment in the industry. It’s the only automated training system of its kind…and you can only find it at Koko FitClub. Our award-winning, patented Smartraining System technology has earned such honors as the Nova7 Award for Outstanding Innovation in Websites and New Technology.

Not just another run-of-the-mill “gym”
Koko is more than just a place to work out: it’s a whole new way to exercise that is redefining the fitness industry. Koko gives members a way to include long-term fitness plans into their life. A plan that is efficient, simple to follow, efficient and enjoyable.

Most health clubs have the same equipment, the same lackluster service, and are fighting for the same members — the 20% of the population who currently belong to a gym. Koko FitClub appeals to the remaining 80% of ex-exercisers, people who are pressed for time and want a SOLUTION…something DIFFERENT, BETTER and MORE CONVENIENT than personal training or a typical gym.

Benefits of owning a Koko Fit Club
Here’s just some of the ways we help make each Koko FitClub franchise a success:

Man exercises in a Koko Fit Club gym
  • Deliver a superior customer experience every day, even when you’re not there. Our system provides consistent, world-class exercise instruction, real-time guidance and feedback and powerful results tracking on the web.
  • A big competitive advantage — no imitators. Only Koko FitClub offers the revolutionary, technologically-advanced, patented Smartraining exercise guidance system and equipment.
  • Minimizes management headaches. Our Smartraining System provides high-level personal training to your member, without having to hire and manage expensive personal trainers.
  • Simple to operate. Once your doors are ready to open, you have all you need to run your business. Zero inventory to manage, zero weekly purchases, and no perishables.
  • Minimal owner time on-site. Koko FitClubs are so simple to operate you can run multiple units with ease, making the business economics all the more lucrative.
  • Affordable to own and operate
    • Low start up investment. You can start a club for as little as $98,000!
    • Low cost operation. Our unique, sleek studio design requires just 1800 square feet, which means low monthly rent/facility expenses.

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